Joint Police Chiefs Executive Forum


A jointly sponsored and administered forum bringing together police chiefs and other law enforcement executives in New Jersey and Ontario to discuss, explore and exchange ideas in the field of law enforcement leadership and administration. This forum is designed to address practical, operational issues that require police leaders to have the skills and competencies to deal with leadership challenges impacting police organizations.

Law enforcement agencies throughout North America share a number of pressing issues. To address and explore these issues and challenges, a series of sessions (including a plenary and breakout meetings) will be convened in New Jersey and Ontario.

SESSION I: "Police/Community Relations in the 21st Century"
March 29-31, 2016
The Seaview Resort
Galloway, New Jersey

SESSION II: "The Economics of Policing"
September 13-15, 2016
The Hilton Meadowvale Hotel & Conference Centre
Mississauga, Ontario

Underlying the NJSACOP's and OACP's missions is a desire to improve the effectiveness of public safety organizations and personnel by helping to prepare them to meet the complex leadership and organizational challenges presented by our rapidly changing society and operational environment. These same values are shared by many organizations and entitites throughout the international law enforcement community.


The Joint Police Chiefs Executive Forum [JPCEF] is deisgned to provide an open and effective platform for communication and collaboration among stakeholders in law enforcement leadership, management, an dprofessional development. Ultimately, the objective is to not only better inform these stakeholders as to current conditions and future trends, but also to arm them with pertinent information and tools that can be implemented in their respective agencies and communities.


Senior police officers with rank and senior civilian managers. Those who have been identified as having the potential to be promoted to command level within the organization.