2017 Senior Leadership Seminar at the College of Policing

 A joint program of the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police, The UK College of Policing, and the Greater Manchester Police

08 - 16 July 2017
Greater Manchester Police
Manchester, England

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Limited to only 20 attendees

The agenda is comprised of timely, interesting and important topics, and an exceptional mix of special site visits. In addition to the site visits and classroom presentations, our participants will have a full experience in the HYDRA Suite.

Hydra delivers immersive learning exercises which simulate the reality of critical incident management and decision-making. Learners, immersed in a realistic environment, are able to experience the decision-making process and the complex issues facing police and other agencies. It is designed to hone the skills necessary to manage both internal and external critical incidents in the workplace.

Please consider joining us for this one-week, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

The agenda includes important off-site modules, including visits to police faciliaties, ride-alongs, scenario-based leadership and management sessions, as well as a visit to police facilities in Manchester and Liverpool.   

The program fee covers virtually all costs (including tuition, room & board, and in-country transport).