Command Officer Development Course [CODE-C]

An approved NJSACOP Accredited Chief/Command Executive [ACE] Professional Development Course

 The simulation is virtual, the experience is real

Workplace Simulator Course
This executive management course has three key components which form the basis of the learning experience: 1) a simulation; 2) plenary learning sessions; and 3) coaching. The core of the course is a computerized simulation, the Workplace Simulator, which triggers much team-based learning interaction. To support this learning experience further, the course also includes several plenary learning sessions and numerous opportunities for coaching. All three components should reflect the organization's values, mission and mandate as well as the competency needs of the personnel who will attend. 

Participant Tasks
Participants begin by setting forecasts for their virtual budget, and employee morale, quality and productivity. 

Once the Workplace Simulator is underway, participants will:
- make decisions in response to surprise scenarios;
- react to messages;
- send employees on training or on vacation;
- call meetings;
- ensure that employees are accomplishing their Job Responsibilities and are completing projects;
- manage human and financial resources;
- make updated presentations; and
- monitor, monitor, monitor

2018 Registration Brochure Available Soon