Presentations featuring Dr. Laurence Alison

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Two Very Special Presentations Featuring Dr. Laurence Alison

Decision Making in High Risk, High Uncertainty Environments:
Guess, Gut and Grip
March 23, 2015

Advanced Psychological Interviews of Suspects & Hugh Value Targets
March 24, 2015

Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center
Westampton, NJ

Professor Laurence Alison [Department of Psychological Sciences, University of Liverpool] has 20 years experience working with Law Enforcement, Security Services and associated emergency service personnel. He has served as key psychological advisor for over 400 operational debriefs (including "7/7" London bombings, the Boxing Day Tsunami, planning for the London Olympics, the Sharm El Sheik bombings and the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko) and has delivered training in critical incident decision making and advanced interviewing in the UK, the US, China, Japan, Australia and across Europe. He has published over 150 academic papers in internationally recognized journals as well as 8 books. Professor Alison has provided evidence to the courts and police in relation to over 150 high profile cases (including murders, rapes, robberies, disasters and terrorims) and has trained officers from the National Research Institute of Policing in Japan, the US Department of Defense, the CIA and FBI, as well as countless courses for police, fire and ambulance services in the UK and across Europe. 

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