Women In Law Enforcement Leadership Symposium

October 18, 2018
The National Conference Center
East Windsor, NJ
$215 per person


Panel 1 - "Our Journey"
Overcoming and addressing the unique issues and obstacles faced by women in law enforcement as they make their way up through the ranks.

Panel 2 - "Thriving, Not Surviving"
Health & Wellness/Life After Law Enforcement/Time Management: Balancing Home and Work

Keynote Presentation: "The Company You Keep"
Presented by Chief Deanna Cantrell, San Luis Obispo Police Department, CA
Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone  or something. Do you know what kind of influencer you are? Whose fire are you igniting, and who is igniting yours? We will explore what your capacity is to influence and be influenced by others during this class.

Before a person can reach their potential and fully understand their significance to others or an organization, they must understand themselves and be willing to make necessary changes. Self-awareness and self-management are two of the pillars of the Emotional Intelligence success quadrant. This is tough to do, and takes courage, but those willing to hear the truth, and speak the truth with others will propel themselves, others and their organization to new heights. Fostering an attitude of intentional influence will have an incredible impact on everyone in an organization.

Our Mission

To promote and enhance the highest ethical and professional standards in law enforcement at all levels throughout New Jersey