Police Chiefs In-Service Seminar

A two-day in-residence seminar/retreat for Police Chiefs and other command personnel (at the invitation of their Chief)
specifically designed to address important topics and concepts, provide updates on legal and management issues,
and stimulate serious thought and discussion about the role of a 21st century police executive

An approved NJSACOP Accredited Chief/Command Executive [ACE] Professional Development Course

The seminar schedule is specifically designed to encourage networking and informal interaction and provide a safe and candid "retreat" environment for interaction and discussion. 

Keynote remarks from exceptional police leaders are an agenda highlight. Recent Keynote presenters include New York Police Commissioner William Bratton and Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner Bob Paulson. 

Recent Chiefs In-Service Agendas
2013 PCIS Agenda
2014 PCIS Agenda
2016 PCIS Agenda
2018 PCIS Agenda