NJSACOP Strategic Partner - CAPITA Secured Digital Solutions


CAPITA Secured Digital Solutions

Emergency Services and organizations that manage critical nationwide infrastrcuture and utilities across the globe are currently facing an unenviable challenge; trying to improve service, security and public confidence at a time when the threat of terrorism remains high, public scrutiny is at is most intense and the global economy is placing financial pressures on all sectors. 

Never before has value for money been so important.

Capita Secure Digital Solutions brings together leading products and services to provide a portfolio that encompasses:

- Enterprise Mobility - providing a platform for the development of apps and forms to support secure data and input and updates from mobil devices.
- Digital Evidence Management - a single, secure repository for the ingest, storage and analysis of multiple sources of digital evidence and its onward use in digital case files.
- Critical alerting and messaging - full two-way messaging services for mobile, handheld and vehicle communication devices and a secure 24/7 service desk to support critical IT and network infrastructure. 

Capita's solutions will support our clients in whichever direction they choose with flexible commercial models, flexible and modular deployments and a deep knowledge of business process to ensure the frontline remains effective and efficient. 


Our Mission

To promote and enhance the highest ethical and professional standards in law enforcement at all levels throughout New Jersey