NJSACOP Email Contacts

NJSACOP Board of Officers NJSACOP State Office Executive Staff
Chief Christopher Leusner
Mitchell C. Sklar, Esq., CAE
Executive Director
Chief Richard Buzby
Immediate Past President
Chief William Nally (Ret.)
Deputy Executive Director/Examination Program Director
Chief Louis Bordi
1st Vice President
Chief Christopher Wagner (Ret.)
Director of Public Affairs

NJ Office of Highway Traffic Safety Law Enforcement Liaison
Chief John Zebrowski
2nd Vice President
Harry J. Delgado, Ed.S.
Accreditation Program Director
Chief Thomas Dellane
3rd Vice President
Melissa Gaines
Office Manager
Chief Edward M. Kerr, Jr.
4th Vice President
Jennifer Conover
Programs & Publications Manager
Chief Leonard Check
Vice President At-Large
Chief Michael Morris (Ret.)
NHTSA/Traffic Safety Law Enforcement Liaison
Chief Joseph Madden
Chief Keith Bendul 
Open Public Records Act Liaison
Chief William Parenti
Past President
Chief Raymond Hayducka
Past President/Legal Aid & Arbitration Chairman
Chief Robert Kugler
Past President
Chief Paul Cell
Past President
Chief Brett Bartman
Segeant at Arms
Chief Michael DiBella
Sergeant at Arms
Chief Richard McAuliffe
Sergeant at Arms