Normandy/D-Day Leadership Experience

A Unique and Intensive Executive Level Experiential Learning Program

2023 Session Sold Out

An approved NJSACOP Accredited Chief/Command Executive [ACE] Professional Development Course
A Component of the Certificate in International Leadership Studies

The NJSACOP Normandy Leadership Experience brings participants to the site of one of the world's great strategic  and  tactical operations—the 1944 Allied liberation of France—to learn timeless lessons on leadership. 
Beyond its place in history, Normandy was a profound test of leadership, yielding insights that remain highly relevant today. The challenges these historic leaders faced remain familiar to contemporary law enforcement leaders — how to do more with less, how to inspire people working under tough conditions, how to empower others to adapt to a world of constant change. Their solutions can inspire us in ways that conceptual, lecture-based training never will. 

The underlying purpose of this course is to teach today's law enforcement leaders about democratic leadership and decision making by immersing them in a “living classroom” – a case study come to life. Modeled on a technique used to train and prepare U. S. Army officers in leadership and decision-making, the experience lets participants see and feel, as no mere classroom lecture can, the challenges that faced commanders in World War II's pivotal battle in the West. The course  provides the historical and strategic context and facilitates in-depth discussion to reach a deep understanding of "leadership in action." Executives will leave prepared to be better leaders and armed with battle-tested tools they can use immediately.

Through this unique course, participants gain new insights on how to:
  • build flexible organizations that execute in the midst of fast moving events and rapid change
  • develop leaders who think strategically to prepare for complex and dynamic environments
  • explore how leaders earn the trust of subordinates
  • build strong coalitions, across cultures and generations, for competition in contemporary conditions prepare the next generation of leaders
The Normandy Invasion, and D-Day specifically, is a rich and stimulating source of leadership insight relevant to the challenges (and opportunities) of the current law enforcement environment. Planning, organization, communication, teamwork and initiative amidst profound and increasingly rapid changes in circumstance are as critical now to effective execution as they were in 1944.