Senior Leaders Seminar at Sedgley Park - Greater Manchester Police

July 05 - 13, 2024

A joint program of the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police and The Greater Manchester Police

Limited to 15 attendees

The Senior Leaders Seminar will be held Sedgley Park Centre, the training facility for the Greater Manchester Police

The course agenda is comprised of timely, interesting, and important topics, and an exceptional mix of special site visits:
 Senior Leaders, Strategic Challenges
 High Impact Leadership
 Wellbeing/welfare/morale
 Society of Evidence Based Policing
Tasking & Co-ordination
 Strategic overview
 Tactical delivery
 Live time viewing of Force Daily Demand Management Meeting
 The golden thread
 Collection, dissemination and action
 Vulnerable Adults
 Vulnerable Children
 Modern Slavery
 Human Trafficking
Community Policing
 Strategy
 Community Engagement
 Community Confidence & Satisfaction
 Problem solving
 Opportunity to patrol
Roads Policing
 Safer Roads Targeting
 Serious Collision Investigation
 Opportunity to patrol ["ride alongs"]
Public Order
 Tour of facilities
 Observe training
 Equipment and Tactical presentation
Professional Standards
 Current trends, threats & issues
 Learning the lessons
Drones & Air Support
 Drones in Policing & Public Safety
Media & Communications
 Relationships with the Media
 Response to Major/Critical Incidents
 Social Media
 Internal Communications
Armed Policing
 Tour of facilities
 Equipment & Tactical presentations
 Firearms Response
 Counter Terrorism

Attendance is limited to than 15 registered delegates.  All attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance and an International Policing Training Medal from the 
Greater Manchester Police Sedgley Park Police Leadership Academy
The program tuition covers most costs (including tuition, room & board,  and in-country transport)

Please consider joining us for this one-week, career-highlight opportunity.