Manassas/Bull Run Staff Ride

The Manassas/Bull Run and Arlington National Cemetery
Leadership Experience:
A Staff Ride for Law Enforcement Leaders

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From the NJ POLICE CHIEF MAGAZINE - Leadership Makes the Difference: The Leadership Staff Ride


This Staff Ride covers the Second Battle of Bull Run, which took place on August 28-30, 1862. This battle was a significant victory for the Confederate cause and arguably one of Robert E. Lee’s greatest victories. Union morale suffered a significant blow. The Confederate victory led to the Battle of Antietam.

The program examines the leadership of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson as well as those of Union Generals John Pope, Fitz John Porter, and Philip Kearny. The principles of command and control, strategic planning, communication and self-sacrifice are examined in order to draw leadership lessons for modern leaders.

As part of the agenda there is a special visit to Arlington National Cemetery, where we explore the contextual history of this special and important place, providing a meaningful backdrop to our exploration of the lessons to be drawn from the thousands of stories of valor and sacrifice represented by the graves and memorials to be found there.