Accredited Chief/Command Executive Certification

The NJSACOP Accredited Chief/Command Executive [ACE] Program is a revisiting of the former Certified Chief Law Enforcement Executive Program [CCLEEP] with a new lean towards accrediting the individual police leader and assuring that experience, formal education and management training, continuing education, and collaboration are formally assessed against a recommended standard. The goal is to give surety of merit in our state association's formal gauging of effective police leadership through a model of peer review.

The NJSACOP ACE Certification Program directly encourages New Jersey's law enforcement executives to attain sanctioned benchmarks in pursuit of a recommended standard for police leadership that are measurable and attainable. By offering proof of these standards to NJSACOP Assessors, individual police leaders can attain NJSACOP Accredited Chief/Command Executive [ACE] Certification Status. 

In congruence with our previously stated principles, the ACE Certification Program will quantify necessary proofs in three areas for the ACE and ACE-COP Certification and five areas for the ACE-COP Advanced Certification and award individual leadership accredited status based on those appraisals. Furthermore, the ACE Certification Program will promote and encourage continued education through ACE Re-Certification Program Requirements. 

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It is the policy of the NJSACOP to promote professional competence, continued education and career development among all members of law enforcement and in particularly among our leaders. In order to achieve this goal the NJSACOP encourages current, future and retired chiefs and police executives to participate in the ACE Certification Program.

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Our Mission

To promote and enhance the highest ethical and professional standards in law enforcement at all levels throughout New Jersey