Monmouth Court House Leadership Experience

New Jersey/War of Independence
Staff Ride for Law Enforcement

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From the NJ POLICE CHIEF MAGAZINE - Leadership Makes the Difference: The Leadership Staff Ride

The Staff Ride represents a successful, educational method of applying the leadership lessons of the past to present day organizational leaders.  This experiential lesson places modern day law enforcement leaders at the very locations of major historical events and allows them to take the role of the important persons from that era for the purpose of applying essential leadership principles to modern law enforcement organizational challenges. 
This program will allow participants to have the unique opportunity to use the actual locations involved in the planning and execution of the Battle of Monmouth as a “living classroom” to add depth and context to the study of the leaders, commanders, strategic considerations and leadership principles. 
GOALS AND OBJECTIVES – This program is designed to provide the participant with an understanding and appreciation of the best practices of leading in times of crisis.  This will be accomplished by placing the participants in the role of major and subordinate commanders of the Continental Army and the British Army involved in the preparation and execution of the Battle of Monmouth from the American Revolution.  Upon completion of this program, the participants will have learned the latest trends in leadership and organizational management involving the following essentials:  

Strategic Planning
Decision Making
Command and Control
Personnel Selection
Tactical Flexibility
Training and Education
Learning from Mistakes
Leading from the Front
Morale – Taking Care of the Troops
Building Political Support
‚ÄčThe Leadership Challenge – By James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner (2012)
Leadership Lessons From West Point – By Major Douglas Crandall (Editor) (2007)
Introduction to Leadership – By Peter G. Northouse (2015)
Fatal Sunday – George Washington, the Monmouth Campaign and the Politics of Battle – By Mark Edward Lender (2016)
Washington’s Revolution – The Making of America’s First Leader – By Robert Middlekauff (2015)
George Washington on Leadership – By Richard Brookhiser (2008)

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