Active Members

No person shall be eligible for Active Membership in this Association unless he/she shall be the sworn Chief of Police of a duly constituted State, Bi-State, Campus, or County Police Department or a Municipal Police Department whose members are governed by Civil Service or the Tenure of Office Act of the State of New Jersey. All proposed applicants for Active Membership shall comply with Article IV, Section 1(a) of the NJSACOP Constitution, be investigated by the Membership Committee, and approved by a majority vote of the members present at a Regular or Special meeting of the Association. 

[Explanatory Note: The specific intent of this section is to include all sworn chiefs of police, including the sworn chief of County Prosecutors, Detectives, Investigators, sworn chiefs of college/university police departments, sworn chiefs of the various state and bi-state police agencies, and sworn chiefs of the various transit, port authority, and similar agencies. Sworn chiefs or other agencies within the state may also be eligible for Active Membership upon the recommendation and approval of the applicable County Police Chief Association.] 

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