Certificate in Evidence-Based Policing from the Cambridge Centre

NJSACOP presents Online Certificate programming from leading criminologists and British police chiefs affiliated with the University of Cambridge, a global hub for knowledge.

The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police is proud to announce our new affiliation agreement with the Cambridge Centre for Evidenced-Based Policing
The Centre is directed by Professor Lawrence W. Sherman, a US citizen who grew up in New Jersey (in Bergen and Essex Counties) and who has family ties across the Garden State (in Monmouth, Hunterdon and Morris Counties). 

Since his early career as an analyst for the NPYD, Professor Sherman has carried out experiments on crime-fighting with over 50 police agencies across the US, UK, Australia, Denmark and Trinidad. He has taught police command courses for the FBI, the UK College of Policing, India, Sweden, Canada, Uruguay, Vietnam & more.

As Director of Research for the National Police Foundation, he pioneered what he later called evidence-based policing in his 1998 Lecture that founded the field.

The Cambridge Centre that Professor Sherman leads includes distinguished British police leaders, including Sir Denis O’Connor (formerly Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary), Peter Neyroud (formerly Chief Constable of two British police agencies), and Sir Peter Fahy, former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police.
Since the COVID lockdowns began in 2020, the Cambridge Centre put its core learning online in courses now completed by over 400 learners from 47 police agencies in 7 countries, with the largest group from the Metropolitan Police of London at New Scotland Yard, and many from Canada and the US. What these courses offer is the fundamentals of precision policing, for getting the most public safety out of a limited police budget by systematically targeting, testing and tracking police practices. 

NJSACOP now offers police professionals the convenience of payment for these UK courses in US dollars. The main course for police leaders on Reducing Serious Violence, which is offered at $787 for 20-week access to anytime learning on the Cambridge Centre platform, including recorded lectures, extensive readings and other learning materials.

The course fee also includes three live tutorial sessions of 30-45 minutes each with PhD-level criminologists, who talk one-on-one with each registered learner. The last session includes an assessment of learning, which leads to a Certificate in Evidence-Based Policing from the Cambridge Centre. The Certificate can be sent to the learner by post, or collected at the annual course completion ceremony at Cambridge each summer. 

A second course, for police analysts, provides much more hands-on training in how to crunch numbers in more useful ways for policing decisions. It offers more live tutorial assistance online, with big data sets provided for ranking crime seriousness, identifying patterns and mapping GPS data by patrol frequency. The cost of that analysts' course is $1,279.   

For more information about the courses please email Louise Bland at chief@cambridge-ebp.co.uk.

To register for a course, please email njsacop@njsacop.org.

To see the Cambridge Evidence-Based Policing Journal, click on https://www.cambridge-ebp.co.uk/journal.



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