Public Information Officer (PIO) 101

Course Overview:
This one day course is designed to provide officers and staff assigned to the role of Public Information Officer with the requirements and guidelines that govern their role in the State of New Jersey. Participants will learn how to write an effective news release and conduct media interviews. The class will detail the requirements of when and how to release information to the media and when it can be withheld. The course will review trends for dealing with the media, public, social media when releasing public information. The class will review Attorney General Guidelines, emerging issues in dealing with the media from OPRA Reequests to Use of Force information, case studies of critical incidents including officer involved shootings. The class will teach you strategies to handle breaking news as well as community events and enhance your department's image. Participants will gain the ability to increase community engagement through effective use of social media. 

Course Objectives
At the end of this program, participants will:
  • Write news releases
  • Learn PIO "101"
  • Create positive media coverage for your agency
  • Demonstrate crisis management and crime scene management
  • Understand media
  • Discuss proactive and reactive PIOs
  • Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube
  • OPRA and the Media
Who Should Attend:
  • Public Information Officers 
  • Command Officers who serve in a supervisory capacity or who have contact with the media
  • Governmental employees who deal with the media
About the Instructors:
Deputy Chief Jim Ryan and Sergeant Fred Williams (Ret.) have nearly 40  years of combined service in media relations and public information. They have instructed hundreds of sworn and civilian personnel around the country in how to improve community relations and engagement through effective communication. The high energy instructors have received praise for their insight and ability to have any size agency create an effective communication plan.